Drawings in pencil

Moonlighter 1976
(private collection, Sweden)

Next! 1976
(Owned by a church, Sweden)

Solitude 1976
(owned by artist)

Peccavi 1976
(private collection, Finland)

Man is like the grass 1976
(private collection, Finland)

666 1978-79
(private collection, Finland)

(don't let them tag you in the future with the mark of the beast)

According to the bible:
you won't be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast,
there will be a world monetary union, in the end times.

Alfa and Omega (the Corner stone) 1976
(private collection, Finland)

Drawings in pencil, slihtly colored with Tetley tea
("I ran out of Tetley", Benjamin)

Supper at Emmaus (after Caravaggio's oil painting) 1976
(private collection, Finland)

What did you expect, stupid 1976
(private collection, propably Sweden)