Some of you out there have expressed a desire to know my thoughts
about my faith in God etc., here's a brief note.

Many philosophers see themselfes as very enlightened masters of reality.
I see myself as a lucky bastard.

You can read all the books in the world about religions and philosophy,
and not find God nor the answer to life.
I believe that faith is a gift, like a seed. You can nurture it to life by communicating
with God, or you can snuff it out, it's your choice.
The evil in this world, is our doing not God's. He gave us a responsibility through
our free will. We don't have to war, but still we do it. We don't have to give in to evil,
but still we do it because man is evil by nature.
There is enough food in the world to feed everybody, still we don't. We couldn't care
less about the third world...heck we don't even care about those around us who are
more unfortunate than us.

I never accepted what I was fed as a kid, to be the truth. I didn't want to become
someone else's robot. All that I know about God, He has shown me on a personal
basis. I kid you not. I'm not special in any way, anyone can experience the same
things that I have.
All you need to do, in order to receive eternal life and communion with God, is to
1. ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you your transgressions.
2. get baptized in water , as a symbolic gesture to yourself and others that you have
changed your way of thinking.
3. Ask the Father for the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
You may receive the spirit already as you ask Jesus to enter your life, God does not
seem to have any rules as to the order of these events, He meets everyone in a
personal way. You will know for sure if it happens, or if you have to pray for it

I went through step 1 and 2 without experiencing anything out of the ordinary.
I went through these steps, because they are mentioned in the bible.
The babtism in the Spirit happened about five weeks later. As I had received the spirit,
I suddenly understood what I had read in the bible all those years in sunday school!
Never before had I understood anyting other than the ten commandments...I'm not
kidding! The bible had just been words to me, like worthless philosophy.
I think one of the devils worst inventions is philosophy, because you can sit around
brooding for 70 years or more without finding one truth.
Philosophy is a death trap for many, it's so sad.
Philosophy can make you feel important once you become an eloquent spindoctor,
but what good are mere words when you die? Sure you can get your name on a plaque
somewhere, but when you die it's worthless.

I just thought I'd tell you this, if you are looking for a reason to go on. I was tired of
living at the age of 21 and that's when I decided to look and see if there was a God or
"whatever". When He did answer my prayers I was shocked, because I was not
expecting anything really. My life changed in a second, and He gave me peace.
Now all I live for is God, he's so cool.

God Bless, Benjamin

PS. I don't belong to any church at the moment, but I sympathize with churches like
the Koinonia Fellowship in LA and all other churces that teach the teachings of Christ.

PS. This song I wrote is an accurate description of my views on faith:
It's from the CD "Up 4 Oxygen"...should be out now on IMG, New York.
There will be a Scandinavian pressing awailable soon (hopefully) on the W.A.A.M. label.

Can't keep a good man down
© 2000 Music&Lyrics Benjamin Antell

of all the prophets
of all the gods
of all the leaders
of all the cons

of all the religions
of all the faiths
of all the mind games
of all the brains

only one remains
only one returned
only one can save
only one’s the way

you can’t keep a good man down
you can’t keep a good man down
you can’t keep a good man down
He has risen

the lamb of God
the King of kings
the Morning Star
will spread His wings
and take you home
to the promised land
just like He said
to fulfill His plan

You ask me how
I’m so sure
I met Him face to face
I know

you can’t keep a good man down
you can’t keep a good man down
you can’t keep a good man down
He has risen

I used 2 believe
all roads were one
I used 2 believe
all faiths were one
I used to believe that love was it
and I used 2 believe...
if I’m good that’s it

but then I met
the Christ himself
and I said Lord
haven’t I been good
I’ve changed my ways
and I’m not the same

He said OK that may be true
but I did what I did when I died for you
if you don’t accept me in your heart
you’ll never see the light of God

So here I come

you can’t keep a good man down
you can’t keep a good man down
you can’t keep a good man down
He has risen


Benny Antell, Ben Antell, Benjamin Antell