Some of you out there have expressed a desire to know my thoughts
about my faith in God etc., here's a brief note.

You can read all the books in the world about religions and philosophy,
and not find God nor the answer to life.
I was never really happy without God, and when I reached 21 years of age I was tired of living,
One day a youth pastor came home from the US of A and gave me a copy of "The Way"
a living Bible. I had an old 1917 Swedish Bible since Sunday school but it just made me fall asleep.
The Way was interesting with a few illustrations so I began reading and it sparked an interest in me to
try to find out more about God, since I had never met him in person, As I got even more curious
I decided to go to a Bible School in Örebro, Sweden with a friend who also looked for God.
At the Bible school I didn't learn that much since I had heard it before as a kid. So I gave God an ultimatum.
"If nothing happens while I am here, I will skip it all and go to see, I saw the sea as my final sloution.

I simply did not want to live any longer, but on the last night after shool had ended I met God.
It was supernatural, when God's power hit me I could not feel the chair i was sitting in!
I felt like an astronaut floating in space, I could not feel my body as God touched me ,
I had never felt love before, I could not understand why God would take the time to contact me,
a nobody that no-one else had ever loved. It was unexplainable, then he told me that no religion
lead to him, only Jesus can open the door! Jesus and Holy Spirit were there as well.
I received a major download of information somehow, and now I understood the Skriptures
all of a sudden. What I was told in Sunday school suddenly came alive in me. It's impossible to explain
it all, because it was all totally supernatural and real at the same time. I danced like the fiddler on the roof
dancing in the streets of Örebro in the night, I hve never been so happy in my life!
God promises to meet us if we look for him, and he did meet me in my desperation!
It's not hard to meet God, but I think most of us need to be desperate, like I was.
Find a living church, God bless you!



Benny Antell, Ben Antell, Benjamin Antell