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2019 God only knows... I make no plans of my own.


Sweden 2018, 10 Augusti - 15 September

VÄRNA - Linköping - Askeby - Arlanda etc.

Guests came all the way from the Weast Coast.

God recommended the ARAMAIC AENT (New Testament) to me a few years back. My main Bibles are the KJV and the AENT. At the moment I am also checking out the NET BIBLE because of the notes of 58,506 translators!

Sweden, fall of 2017.

I am going to Sweden again August-September and will be away for more than a month, after that I will probably come back to Finland.

I was in England for three months this spring March-April-May-June 2017. As usual people got saved, healed, set free. A Chineese Buddhist gentleman who was looking for God on a down in Luton got saved when he met my daughter and myself, and I baptised him a week or two afertwards. God is Good all the time.

Unfortunately muslims murdered people in the streets of London more than twice a week during my stay, that is what religion does! The Quran which actually is a terrorist manual (I have read it) orders them to murder all non-muslims, that means YOU!

Thank God that Jesus isn't a religion but our friend.

June 1 2016

This fall Aug - Sept I will visit Sweden for a month or so. I don't really know much about the details at present. I am sure God will let me know as I arrive there (as usual).

I visited UK this spring March 24 - April 24 and got to pray for many. I prayed for pastors, church help, people in prayer cells etc. I was glad to have my daughter Caroline with me, since she also has gifts of the Spirit and sees everything that happens in the spirit world as I pray.

In an Indian home meeting a man from Lithuania gave his life to the Lord Jesus! It is funny how many different countries God can touch by one person who is willing to go out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Curses were broken and some were healed. I also got to bless many children and some of them also received the gifts of the Spirit! An Indian woman got saved, she thought that the Indian demon's were gods...

People got healed, saved and filled with joy. God will use anyone who wants to serve Him! I am grateful to be of some help however small.

At the moment there is only ONE book I recommend to beginners:The New Testament, King James Version

Take care and may the God of the Bible bless your sock's off!

March 14 2016

I need to get a new Mac computer for my hompage ASAP. Until then you can follow me on Facebook if you like. It might take a while though because of my international travels.

Since I got back from Sweden in late September 2015 I have been hard at work on my coming books. I have also travelled around some and prayed for people in the nearby villages and cities. God is good and is teacheing me new things on a daily basis.

God performs many miracles through prayer all the time. Among other things a blind girl got her sight a while ago.

I have also baptized people in my new tub, since it is still winter. In the summer I baptize people who come to the Lord Jesus wherever there is water.

Aug-Sept 2015

In Aug-Sept 2015 I was in Sweden ministering in churches. On my spare time I walked the streets of Sweden w a young guy who wanted to see short legs grow and we healed 80 people or more strangers right there in 3 weeks of travel. Some were also baptized in the spirit etc.

Check me out on Facebook, I write almost daily on FB.

•••NEXT 2015 TRIP TBA•••

2015: At the moment I am working ona number of books, when I am not ministering.

I am continuously also writing songs, yet to be recorded.

SWEDEN/November/December 2014: Nörrköping-Linköping-Åtvidaberg and Aneby.

2014 I was in Sweden again for a month, made it home for Hannukkah. People were healed, born again, filled with Holy Spirit and baptized.

In Norrköping I was also filmed for a documentary which will be out in 2016 in Europe I take it.

I really love Sweden, the people there are very friendly.

This spring I will be in Luton, UK. TBA

Ministering in Sweden March-April 2014:




Ministering in the UK March 2014:

Luton, UK January

I have very little time for updates now, since I work mostly alone at the moment.

Ministering in Sweden:

27/11, 2013 Vasa - Norrköping



1 December Aneby




8/12 Mjölby

8/12 Norrköping

Ministering, but mostly getting accuainted with Israel:

11-18 December 2013

Arlanda-Tel Aviv-Jerusalem

11/12 Storm, rain, hail.

12/12 Snowstorm, disaster...

13/12 Snowstorm

14/12 Snowstorm

15/12 wet

16/12 wet

17/12 wet

18/12 Lovely weather

Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-Stockholm-Vasa


New book on the way any day now...

First edition will be in Swedish only.


Back in Finland on Norwegian after 3 weeks in Sweden.

1. Norrköping. Preaching, playing, intercession, cells, interview etc.

2. Linköping. Intercession.

3. Norrköping. Intercession.

4. Linköping. Sharing my testimony with intercession at Victory Bibelcenter.

5. Aneby. Preaching, playing and intercession.

I also got to pray for 3 wise men from Växjö while i was in Aneby.

6. Gothenburg, Playing, prophesying etc.

Also prayed for people in Mölndahl.

7. Aneby. Intercession.


I have been travelling a lot, so I haven't been able to write here for a while.

In February 2013 I was in Sweden:

• Gothenburg

• Hönö

• Aneby

• Gothenburg for 2,5 weeks praying, playing and preaching while God did His thing.

Then I came back by:

• Denmark and left for

• Borgå in the south of Finland and then continued to the

• Luton, UK where I spent a month and a week, doing the same..

People were seet free and healed, some got baptized in bath tubs both in Sweden and the UK :-)

At the moment I am travelling in Finland, praying for people.

Working on books in my spare time between appointments.



Happy 2013!!!

This year I will be travelling a lot to many countries, holding prayer services with healing etc. Those of you who have my number SMS me, because I am rarely on the phone. Or you can get in touch via Facebook (Ben Antell), I will check in whenever possible.

3 new books will soon be out in Swedish and one more in English. My books are now being translated to English, Hindi and Spanish. I am also currently writing one in English.

A black mass will be held in Finland!

On December 8th, a demonic ritual will be performed all around Finland. Unlike some might think, this event is serious and a true worship for Satan, in which Finland will be dedicated to Satan and his demons and Satan’s spirit will be invited to fill the people involved in this ritual.

Please Pray for our country, that God will send His warring angels to defend us, against this folly!

Going back to sweden again now in December 2012. Will probably visit 5 cities.

Been travelling in Sweden a few times, preaching, playing and praying for people, in churches and in smaller groups. Many have been healed, saved and baptized!





God is cool!

August 10, 2012. 8th Shindig just ended @ City Church in Vasa!

Sum: 9 baptized, many healed! When I get back from Sweden, I have to find another place to hold my meetings on. Not to worry, God told me City Church was temporary, we just move on as the following grows! God is so good.

I leave for Sweden tomorrow, God help us all...and Sweden :-)

Holding meetings every friday when City Seurakunta is free in Vasa.

Many are healed, som guests came all the way from Sweden and got healed. Now I have to go there to Norrköping, Iglesia Redimida, Plåtslagaregatan 93, meeting on the 12th of August at Iglesia at 17.00 0r 18-00 hrs.! Norrköping and then to Aneby on FRIDAY evening...


Summer of 2012

Holding meetings on Friday evenings, in a rented church (Cityförsamlingen i Vasa, kvarngatan 15, at 6 in the evenings). Many are healed, I also baptize people on a nearby beach, it's great fun. Most people come for prayer, so I don't preach long sermons, just play guitar and sing while I await what Holy Spirit wants to do. Anybody can ask for prayer at any time during the service.

March 20, 2012

Preaching at Vörå Frikyrka, 1900hrs.

Bring the sick, Jesus still heals!

January 2012


Waters LP Worldwide Re-release on iTunes!

Get yer own remastered copy now!


Released: 24 December 2011
P 2011 King Kong Production


September 2011.

I am now a member of Vörå Frikyrka. I will be preaching there on tuesdays, once a month at seven in the evenings. Come and get healed or delivered if you are in the neighourhood :-)

May 17, 2011

Preaching at Vörå Frikyrka, 1900hrs.

Bring the sick, Jesus still heals!

May 13, 2011

I just wrote a couple of books one in Swedish, the other in Swedish and Finnish.

I am a healing minister, but I also preach when I'm not strumming my guitars.


God loves every one of you, may He Bless you all!

Photo © Håkan Ahlskog

FINLAND, Wassor - 2011

Intercession is taking up most of my time now. I'm also invited to a number of coutries in 2011.

No longer Intercessor at Kvevlax Missionskyrka, only casually.

Intercessor at Kvevlax Missionskyrka, Kvevlax , Finland, wednedays at 7PM.
Intercessor normally at Vörå Frikyrka, Sunday afternoon or evenings.
Sharing the Word, tuesdays once a month at Vörå Frikyrka.
Private prayer sessions.

FINLAND, Helsinki - October 4-8

FRANCE, October 1

UK, August 15 - October 4, 2010

September 16, Luton, preaching, praise, intercessor.
September 12, Luton, intercessor
September 12, LCC, intercessor
September 5, Luton, intercessor

August 22, LCC, intercessor (praying for people)

Also private prayer sessions.

FINLAND - 2009

Intercessor at Kvevlax Missionskyrka, Kvevlax , Finland, wednedays at 7PM.
Intercessor normally at Vörå Frikyrka, Sunday aftenoon or evenings.
Sharing the Word, tuesdays once a month at Vörå Frikyrka.

UK, September - October, 2009

Street evangelisation Camden Lock, the Stables, London, UK

FINLAND - SWEDEN, 1967-2007

Art Exhibitions
Music Production,
Ben Antell Band, Liquid Elevator, Benjamin Antell, Buffalo Ben
Music Videos (youtube/thalonen)
Concerts, Ben Antell Band, Benjamin Antell solo, Buffalo Ben

The following information is a mess, sorry. I don't really have time to design my homepage any more, and I never seem to remember to write down all the gigs and dates...

Like mom always used to say, –"you need a secretary".


Loads of new songs have been written during the last 3 years, but due to extensive gigging etc, I haven't had time to record anything as yet.

I am also heavily into intercessory prayer now, which takes up most of my time.


The Liquid elev@tor mp3 tracks

are finally online!

On Halloween (TONITE! 20.00 or 21.00 @):

Steel 'n' Country #2




Table bookings: +358 6 283 8000 (Waskia)

Eero Lakaniemi• bass and b-vox

Henna Hellmanviolin

Samuel Dahl • Pedal Steel Guitar and Dobro

Sixten SandvikDrums

Ben Antell • Guitar and vocal

Other bands: Borderline, Lake Region Band, Steel Guitar Guest Stars.


Sept 19 through Oct 3, Ben will be in London, U.K...


On the 29th of August Buffalo Ben will be performing in Nykarleby, Finland at Sven Nyman's place on Jutasvägen 217, Forsbackan @ 8pm.

The main artist is Jack vreeswijk, I'm just there to play with the bulls :-)

Buffalo Ben is:

Eero Lakaniemi, bass, b-vox

Samuel Dahl, steel guitar, dobro

Sixten Sandvik, drums

Ben Antell, guitar, vocals

On wednesdays at 1900 hrs I'm always at Missionskyrkan in Kvevlax, Finland praying for people (when I'm not travelling).

On sunday evenings I'm usually in Vörå Frikyrka (Baptistt-Pentecostal :-) Or at Sion Församlingen (Pentecostal) in Vasa.


Hello, I haven't had time to inform you of what I've been doing lately. My life has changed drastically. Since I started praying for and with people more with the laying on of hands, many have been healed.

I've been into intercessory prayer in many churches. Lately I've been asked to preach as well, so now I'm a preacher! How about that? If someone had asked me a few years ago if I was going to become a preacher, I would probably have laughed. But since I began searching more for God's will and walking on water, I have been called to do many things.

Next week I will be going to Bergskyrkan in Hässelby, Sweden to preach in at least two meetings, since I've been asked to do so. I will naturally also be praying for the sick, which I always do when I preach.

I will be in Stockholm June 5th - 17th. 2009.

God Bless you all, Benjamin


New video one month ago (11 in all): Waiting here - what can I do? on http://www.youtube.com/thalonen


Ben is performing solo at present, just the man and the guitar.

New video: watersong (check out the dog :-)

New video: WYSIWYG

Check out Ben's write, if you dare...http://www.antell.com/devotionalblog.html


All BAB videos + the new on "There's a space inside of me".: http://youtube.com/user/thalonen

New Video: I was looking 4 love!

Ben is an eccentric rock gospeller from Finland - crossrhythms.co.uk

2007 04 08

A new FREE mp3's page is born.

2007 04 02

Ben's giving away all his music as mp3's for free!

I've been thinking about it for years, and now I made up my mind after reading FIRE ON THE EARTH by Dr. Eddie Hyatt. (Editor)

There U go:

In the bag

Track 1 Be Bop Dun de Dum.mp3
Track 2 There's a God in m.mp3
Track 3 The Money Song.mp3 (don't know if I can legally give this one away)
Track 4 If you find the li.mp3
Track 5 My darling daughte.mp3
Track 6 Waiting 4 elevator.mp3
Track 7 Watersong.mp3
Track 8 The Parrot and the.mp3
Track 9 Through a glass.darkly.mp3

(Release Waam 002) 1996, This was a breakthrough CD, the record is a mix of electronica. Most instruments were played by hand though! We mostly used the sequencers as tape recorders, without quantizing anything, even though there are some loops. The track God in my garage was on MTV Europe for many years! The track "There's a God in my garage" is also released by n'soul records in Hollywood, California, on their ELECTICA 3 1999 CD.

Box Americana

Track 1 Box Amreicana.mp3
Track 2 I'm just coming 4.mp3

Track 3 B my doctor yeah.mp3
Track 4 2morrow could B ye.mp3
Track 5 Many a night.mp3
Track 6 Hollywood Pollywou.mp3
Track 7 If...U would still.mp3
Track 8 My Billabong.mp3
Track 9 God in my garage I.mp3
Track 10 Sister Circumstanc.mp3
Track 11 My darling daughte.mp3
Track 12 Departure.mp3

(2000, Release by Riverside Records RRCD 109, Stockholm). This is a rock/pop record, it has been on the air for 7 years now at least in the USA.

Luna Park (NEW)

Track 1 Flowers in my hair.mp3
Track 2 I was looking 4 lo.mp3
Track 3 I love U so can't let U go.mp3
Track 4 Piccolo - Bell boy.mp3
Track 5 BIG BANG - Wham bam.mp3
Track 6 What a beautiful Dei.mp3
Track 7 Everything is relative.mp3
Track 8 Waiting here, what can I do?.mp3
Track 9 There's a space inside of me.mp3
Track 10 Camel Race - Helter skelter days.mp3
Track 11 Shyna a little love.mp3
Track 12 WYSIWYG - What did U x-pect?.mp3
Track 13 Wish I could dance like David did.mp3
Track 14 I'm coming home, 'cos I love U so.mp3
Track 15 One day you're here, one day you're gone.mp3
Track 16 I love my little girl(s).mp3
Track 17 When night is cold.mp3
Track 18 Delhi Delhi.mp3
Track 19 Coming or going?.mp3
Track 19 Really hidden track.mp3

(Release 2006-7) Waam 009, New!) This seems to be my most popular recording to date. My old friend and CO-founding member of Ben Antell Band, Sixten Sandvik plays the drums, and I (Ben) play all the other instruments. The album is a mix of Hi/Lo Fi, it has a live rock feel.

I will add the other recordings to my site later, when I find the time :-)

2007 03 19

There was a warning issued the other day on the news that the ice on the sea is melting.

The general public was told not to go out on the ice...

Being a rock star I rented a limousine yesterday with a brave driver 2 find out: why :-)

Gerby Splash


Gerby Splash 2...and gurgle...

Bouncing around on the Gerby ice we could see the Wasa coastline...through the mist

It took a while before the limo started going boing boing on the ice, and the limo sinking slightly...so I wouldn't recommend going out there any more.

I told the my driver to stop and check the thickness of the ice...

It was warm and cozy inside the limo, but I could tell from the driver shivering that it was probably very cold in the wind outside.

I was getting hot inside so I told my driver to scoop me some ice for my Coke.

The driver looked coldish...

Although brave, the driver who was named after a bunch of trees (Asplund), declined to go out another time, so that I could get the Mega-splash we created when we got ashore...oh well.

The material we filmed on the ice will become a new Ben Antell Band music video any day now. We will post it on youtube.com

2007 03 09

Release: Riverside RRCD109

Benjamin Antell

Reviewed by Tim Holden

Finnish muso Antell has been around for a while with a large number of albums to his name - as well as some great art and a software company! 'Box Americana' (released in 2000) marked his move from straight electro dance to a more rock orientated sound and is full of interesting twists and turns. This album keeps interest going right to the last track. The guitar sounds are sometimes reminiscent of the Gillan Band and he uses atmospheric sound samples to set the scene for some songs or give an Art Of Noise feel here and there. Covering topics from where has the Gospel gone in American life through to how TV and films have captured a generation, the songs ask loads of questions and start pointing to God for the answers without ever trying to ram the theology down your throat. A well produced album with a nice touch of quirky humour.


2007 02 17...

BEN ANTELL BAND - LUNA PARK review on the Phantom Tollbooth:

Whoa nelly! Ben Antell Band is an indy-rock band from Sweden (they sing in English) that have created a blessedly warped and catchy bunch o' tunes on Luna Park. This album is a flat out blast...

Do yourself a favor and check out for musical thrills and chills a bit unlike anything you have heard recently. And you gotta' love titles like "What a Beautiful Dei," "Piccolo Bell Boy," "Camel Race - Helter Skelter Days," and the ever popular "Really Hidden Track."

(for the complete review check ou the link below:)


P.S. BAB are from Finland :-)

2007 01 06

New video on youtube.com!

Track 1: Flowers in my hair. From BEN ANTELL BAND - LUNA PARK.



2006 12 09


BOX 325
FIN-65101 Vasa

2006 11 17

10.50 Yle Vega, Finland. Interview with Ben AntellLUNA PARK

2006 10 23

Ben will be in Stockholm 25-30th shooting shots for upcoming video(s), for tracks from LUNA PARK. He will probably be offline most of the time during the filming.

2006 10 14

The Box Americana video is made with the Marathon engine.

Ben's Videos are on youtube.com (there will b more).

2006 10 16
LUNA PARK "in glorious Black & White"

The guitar based Luna Park.

Free tracks :-)

Track 1 Flowers in my hair.mp3
Track 2 I was looking 4 lo.mp3
Track 3 I love U so can't let U go.mp3
Track 4 Piccolo - Bell boy.mp3
Track 5 BIG BAM - Wham bam.mp3
Track 6 What a beautiful Dei.mp3
Track 7 Everything is relative.mp3
Track 8 Waiting here, what can I do?.mp3
Track 9 There's a space inside of me.mp3
Track 10 Camel Race - Helter skelter days.mp3
Track 11 Shyna a little love.mp3
Track 12 WYSIWYG - What did U x-pect?.mp3
Track 13 Wish I could dance like David did.mp3
Track 14 I'm coming home, 'cos I love U so.mp3
Track 15 One day you're here, one day you're gone.mp3
Track 16 I love my little girl(s).mp3
Track 17 When night is cold.mp3
Track 18 Delhi Delhi.mp3
Track 19 Coming or going?.mp3
Track 19 Really hidden track.mp3


For those who are interested, Ben played: acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric violins, landolin, cello, kantele, triangle, rain stick :-), perc., harmonica, keyboards etc. and sang. There are also animals on the CD, such as chickens, roosters, woodland birds and a frog...

The rhythm tracks were recorded live in the studio with no sequensers at this time only jam.

2006 10 15


Alive in the studio!

2006 08 23 South Wartzor

We have finished recording the tracks for the 25 Year Anniversary CD.

Listen To Uncle Samoo's Zoo Live On The Internet


2006 05 06

Liquid Elev@tor is out of order. It is uncertain at this time if the project will continue.
Liquid Elev@tor was Benjamin Antell and Michael Waegar.

I have to go public with this because, I can't play with Atyd anymore, since they turned Christ up side down on their latest CD cover. We now serve different Masters (sad but true).


2006 03 31

Ben's Write


October 23, 2004

antell.com has been redesigned to be easier to navigate.

October 20, 2004
Ben interview in the finnish music magazine Riffi, month 6/2004.

??, 2004
In the Bag is playing again on Jamsline USA!.

March, 2004
Benjamin was interviewed on Yleisradio's/FST's "GO GO" TV show in Finland, march 2004.

February, 2004
Sixten Sandvik and Ben recorded 18 new backing tracks live in the studio, from december 2003 to january 2004, for the upcoming untitled CD, which will be out somehow.

??, 2004
Benjamin wrote some musik for HEADHUNTERS, a new TV show in Europe. Headhunters ran on Finnish TV4.

Benny Antell, Ben Antell, Benjamin Antell


Contact: News Depo