This is my first write...(my friend Michelle, told me to do it).

As Arnold (Schwarzenegger) once asked me: “ why U no work out? I'm not bragging that I know him, I'm sure he forgot me 5 minutes after we parted.

I think it's just as important to exercise those spiritual muscles, even more than the physical ones. Who wants a flabby spiritual body? Yuckadoodledoo. I've been trying to spend 3 hrs. a day in prayer (not as a religious whatnot) but because I want to know God better. I have failed miserably so far after one week of drifting thoughts. I do of course have speaks all through the day, but I thought a devoted time would bring more into fruition in the spiritual realm. Perhaps God wants to see if I'm really serious before He turns on the tap eh? What have I got to lose?...nothing me boyo, absolutely nada.

Why does freedom of speech only apply to groups of people who aren't Christians?

What's that all about? In Sweden they throw pastors in jail (Ake Green), for preaching God's word! What kind of freedom of speech is that? And what kind of love?

I read the transcript of the sermon and it was not hostile in any way. Green was only stating facts from the bible, in a sympathetic way. Good news: Åke Green, the Swedish Pentecostal pastor sentenced to prison for a sermon has been acquitted by the Supreme Court in Stockholm, only because of Green's rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Why has there never been, and never will be any balance in the world? We're either in one ditch screaming our heads off, or in the other one yodeling away. Why is nobody firmly on the road?

I truly believe, that if people were treated for their spiritual problems in today's society, the murder rate would probably drop with 90%. 

Instead we drug people so that they will zombie along in a more or less orderly fashion. Of course, this does not work very well. If they forget to take their happy pill watch out, and hide your chain saw.

If Jesus came back 2day I'm sure He would get "put away" in most countries, although in the US, He would probably get a talk show.

Mark my words, soon they will edit out all uncomfortable stuff from the bible, so that our conscience's can rest in lard. Those who have no spiritual lives, tend to think that the Bible was written by men. Which isn't even possible since the Scriptures are written mathematically based on the number seven! Those who do have spiritual lives, know that it was dictated to men by God's Spirit.

This is one of the biggest stumbling-whatnot’s in the world. The bible is not just another book, it's a owner's manual for those who have a new life in Christ. If we don't read the manual, we are bound to freeze up sooner or later. To use it you only have to read a verse or two per day (if you are real lazy). If you ask God to guide you through Holy Spirit, a new world will open up for you, just as if somebody turned on your lights. It may not happen over night for everybody, but it WILL happen, if you are honest and perservere.

It happened to me, at a time when I was just a singer in a rock&roll band. God didn't care that I was a complete jackass, He just zapped me with His power, and showed me that He loves me. Just as He loves you. Don't knock it before you have tried Him. He has promised to answer everybody who looks for him!

From John 7:38 (New Testament) " He who believes in Me (Jesus), as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water".

One thing that annoys me is when people refer to the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Ghost, since a ghost is a dead entity, and I know from my own experience that the Spirit is not dead at all. (a friend also pointed this out to me once).

I've spent a lot of time in my recording studio these last years... Then I was dragged to church by a buddy who had just met the Lord. I noticed that I wasn't “really dead” spiritually, I just smelled funny. And my battery was low, I did still have the parking lights on.

It is important to attend meetings because faith comes by hearing the word of God. It became fun to go to church after a few visits. The music is often old fashioned and bugged me at first, but all of a sudden Holy Spirit opened my eyes to praise and worship. All of a sudden I realized that it doesn't have much with music to do "per se". To me it is more like prayer now, and the anointing falls if we praise God from our hearts. I'm no longer disturbed by the old hymns as long as there are hearts in it so that the anointing can fall.

Everybody "knows" what is right, and what is wrong. That's what we have a conscience for. But everybody also knows, that if we do something which we know to be wrong, a certain amount of times, it won't feel so wrong anymore. So be careful! I think it's funny how Bob Dylan the satanist, sang: “so many things can get in your way, when you try to do what's right”.

A graphic I did for a phone company a long time ago © Benjamin Antell

Whatever you do, don't let the devil flush you down the T, Uncle Ben