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For a while I simply haven't had time to update my pages.
I am however almost daily on Facebook under the name Benjamin Antell.

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Håller på att uppdatera sidan på grund av att Gud har undervisat mig om så mycket mer än tidigare, sedan 2009 har Fadern lärt mig massor. Det finns lite fel här och där i det som jag skrivit tidigare. Alla är vi barn i början, ni får behålla det goda.

• God has taught me a LOT of new stuff especially since 2006 when I began writing! I am currently updating the pages, because God has taught me a lot more since I began my write! He has shown me lot's I wasn't aware of etc.

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Korn's bass player Fieldy born again

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Scientists versus me

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December 2007

Is the Holy Spirit dead?

November 2007

What's the point of making preachers look bad?,

It doesn't hurt when you pray,

October 2007

the old me,

the Emperor's clothes,

truth hurts,

who is best,


fundamentalist moi?,


violence in daily life,

nobody is good,

the flesh,

my dying friends,

talk 2 God,




my Go WOW,

Protestants and Catholics fight...Halloween,

September 2007



Love and Iggy Pop,

Try God don't tell Him to push off,

Would you die for your friends?

Bad memories are like chewing gum in your hair,

Everyone should see THE PASSION, by Mel Gibson,

Don't try drugs, if you haven't so far!,

Why take advice from somebody who does not know the Lord?,

We pray and God heals,

The spirit of Hitler is back!,

Dipping a baby in water is not going to give it access to Heaven when it's older,


In spite of all progress in the world we are still in the dark ages,

Don't be afraid to try God,

I don't know if Elvis is in Heaven,

My Hot Rod,

Soon Jesus will return for THE T H I R D TIME!!!,

Science News: Space Shuttle STS-115,

Free Dennis Goloze Wuluwulu!,

The works of man,

90.000 Christians are TODAY in Concentration camps in North Korea and China!,

August 2007


Praise God,

Some are afraid to try God,

We should get carried away by what God does!,

Christians are to make known the mystery of the Good News with boldness! Ephesians 6:19,

Good Golly Miss Molly!,

I found out,

When people get saved they go from sad to happy,

Look at yourself,

Don't limit God,

I'm happy,

All you need is love,

I hear you knocking, but you can't come in?,

When death comes knocking on your door,

Man I'm tired...but happy,

On a mission from God

Buddha the Blue eyed blogger,

Another go at life,

God healed my fingers,

Free as a bird,

I'm a work in progress,

India hunts Christians,

Jesus Mother weeps.

July 2007,


How to live as a believer,


Output no input,

Jesus is a true example of love,

I believe that God created the Universe,

Flowers in my hair,

Who am I?,

Dave got baptized the other day,

God loves you,

What's the hurry?,

The Holy Spirit,

MTV network about prayer,

Some people are afraid of God,

Wrong train?,

Try God and see He is good,


What is a demi god (idol)?,


The movie director Ingmar Bergman is dead.

June 2007


Please help find Madeleine!!!,

When I listen to Atheists I can't keep a straight face (sorry),

The dollar is the bottom line,

"happy pills",

How can you know?,



Don't let anybody rob you of your peace,



Fawlty Towers (BBC),

Who is the devil, and what is Hell?,


middle 8 phase,

a cool sermon,

Reeling in the fish,

To tithe or not to tithe,

God is my place of refuge,

Secret Societies,


Love your brother.

May 2007,

The Power New Testament,


How important is your word to you?,

Holy laughter in 1740,


We have to become like children,

Rodney Howard Browne,

female preachers,

Suicide bombers,

We are all guilty! ,


Many of us go on Cruise Control,

busybodies out there,

running the devil's errands,

John Lennon - Yoko Ono,

Daredevil “EvelKnievel meets God!,

God is pouring out His Spirit on the USA,

We often build monuments to ourselves,

There is great power in the Cristian life,

Here's the key to life,

Christian music,



rubbish on the TV,


April 2007

Free music,

Rock and roll,

Why pray,



The difference between God and Man,

Some people build walls around themselves...

Looks ain't everything baby,

I needed something more tangible than a theory or an ideology to go with God,

The Vine and the Branches,

I know a guy who is a giver,

Blessings = Money?,

I'm thirsty for more!,

Journal of the Unknown Prophet,

Why the long faces?, It's too easy to go wrong in life...,

A friend of mine is getting baptized,

Love your enemies...lend them money,

without expecting anything in return!!!,

Why do people fall over at meetings?,

Who hasn't seen this pose in Action movies?,

A word from my friend Michelle. 4/27/07,

My 24" monitor caught fire today,

When Jesus returns to Earth again, EVERYBODY will see Him as He comes!

March 2007



The devil is having a field day with his latest con,

Pray 4 Pontus,

Michelle's write,


Pontus news,

Evolutionist Fundamentalists,

Whoa I'm falling free!,

Coming up roses?,

It's getting near dawn,

Psalm 1-41,

People ask me how they can get some meaning into their lives,

Pray for Maz,

It's hard living on the border,

Fear tatooed iris...a song,

Ben and Appla messing about on the ice,


Europe and many western countries are very blessed compared to the east,

The Armor of God,




Rocking in the church,

Damned drugs,


Miracle Man.

February 2007


When I met God,

It's weird how some people gamble with their lives,

Some people don't believe there's such a thing as the devil,

I me mine,

My wife's cat just threw up on the sofa,


Man is evil by nature,

To not pray daily, is like not eating and drinking,

Many seem to think that their deeds or actions will save them, not true,

God tells us not to swear,

Gifts of Prophecy and Tongues,

Pontus in the hospital, Money,

Music is like water,

Your love is like the morning mist,

I wonder why Jesus is always last on the list, when people look for the meaning of life,

God wants us to care for each other,

Read this whole kaboodle and you will find the key to life!

(Jim Carrey),

How often do you pray for your own kids, your wife or friends?,

God is love.

January 2007


Happy New Year,

The cross will never lose its power,

If U don't use it, U lose it!,

Hard to explain,

New Video,

The anointing,

Some of us mature faster others real slow,

Christians should not take drugs,

About love,

Don't argue with people, just tell the truth,

focus on the inside person,

I remember when I had first met God,

Take some time out with the Lord,

Why are Moslems blowing each other up in Baghdad?,

Go to church every week,

In the end times, the "Beast" 666 super computer installed,

Many are finding God right now.


December 2006


We who are in Christ are made righteous :-)

On the road 2 my Father's house,

Can't keep a good man down,

knowing the facts,

One guy I know has been healed many times,

Under attack,

The Dead Are Judged,

I had to meet Him to believed,

The "author" of the Bible,

"are you ready" -Bob Dylan,

I want your love,

Talk is cheap II,

Through a glass, darkly,

People fall over,

What the devil represents to me,


Life is like a merry go round,

Christians in jail,

Christmas is coming, burning down the tracks,

The Birthday party of Jesus is over for 2006,

I'm so glad,


All I wanted 4 Christmas was peace on Earth,

It's a miracle.

November 2006


God isn't stupid,

Gay Pride Parade,

Why buy drugs, when God can give you highs for free?,


Poem one,

Don't worry be happy,

To be or not to be

If you are generous,

To have faith is important,

Elton John,

One church,

Nothing in this world,

Remember friends,

Junk mind,

Something fresh,

If you want to be counted righteous,

STOP working at it!,

This world is in a mess,

The future,

Fear of breaking traditions,

Christ is the tree,

we are the branches,

Ali G sometimes asks the right questions from the wrong people,

Hate just because of money?

alone with God.

October 2006


"I'll sleep when I'm dead",

Losing your way,

how the universe was created,

A guy in prison,

On the top of the world...then what?,

God loves everybody,

the voice of God!,

Were all boxed in "somehow",

If you doubt the word, you lay down your sword,

If you are down and out God can fill you life with meaning,

Mother Amma with "love" from Hell...,

A word can be a blessing or a curse,

we harden our hearts,

God loves you,

My Dad did this!,


If you want God to touch you,

One day a 6 year old...,

When U feel lonely,


Isaiah 42,

Here's a new parable :-)

September 2006


Pretend it's raining,

The road to Heaven is narrow, but it's there,

Let someone else talk about the weather,

Mean scientists,

Some people don't know who the Holy Spirit is,

Sometimes Heaven can "seem" far away,

Christians are lunatics?,

A friend of mine got healed from diabetes and cancer a few years ago,

Low rider,

Before I met Christ, my plan was to become a Millionaire at thirty, mom's idea...

Yesterday was 911 the wake up call for America,

Jesus was a fisherman,

Swedes and porn,

Not to obey God is the same as witchcraft,

A guy got almost half a million Swedish krowns to his bank account by mistake,


Prayer kinda gives us wings in the spiritual world,

All men are thirsty for God,

Sin is like an ironing rod without a handle,


Jesus is the rock that many trip over and lose their crowns,

Steve Irwin,

Many seem to blame God for temptation,

God helped a friend,

If you have received the Lord into your heart,

"innocent years" with "light drugs",

Many kids believe that they aren't loved,

The past is history, the future is a mystery?

August 2006


The world is pretty much in the same state as in the days of Noah,

To obey God partly, is not to obey God at all,

God can use you for ANY purpose,

I wish people would respect each other,

This would be my dream for the World,

My prayer,

Hizballah's (party of the moon god Allah) bombs are killing both Arabs and Jews,

How can we be saved?,

It's easy to clean up the exterior,

Sex should not be some military exercise,

Jesus is coming, look busy!,

Many look for peace in alcohol and drugs,

A gang beat up a heard of cows yesterday in Sweden,

Heaven is for all nationalities!,

If you want God to answer your prayers...forgive,

Divorce always affects the children in a negative way,

Eric Bibb live,

An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind" -Gandhi,

Romans 2:1

We have to die from our own desires,

Genesis 9:15

To scientifically prove what a Butterfly is, does not change the fact that God created it

Some people think that the apostles were writing about their own ideas...,

Ask, Seek, Knock, Know where you are going!

Everybody needs a solid foundation in life,

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the Holiest of them all?,

God knows I'm an idiot,

Most of us meet God individually,

I believe in Heaven because I know the Lord.

July 2006


Brainwashed into believing that there is no God!,

Before I met God I had to drink lot's of booze, to keep my bliss at an acceptable level,

God answers a most of my prayers,

to please ourselves,

On the Palestinian side,

God wants us to be like children,

Nasa and a prayer,

messing with peoples heads,

Cabala the new spiritist fad in Hollywood?,

People kill in God's name?,

It's a lot harder for very rich people to get to Heaven,

God has given my life meaning,

This life reminds me a lot of the Bug's Bunny Show,

No other Gods,

Remember to pray for Israel!,

Eastern version of the Quor'an,

I have a friend who doesn't respect preachers,

We are all different,

Why can't the Israelis return to their homeland of 3200 years???,

Do you want to be forgiven all your sins?,

Keeping your cool, It actually works!

I've kept my cool for almost 2 days now...but what about now?,

Palestine has never existed as a nation!,

Al-Qaida wants to attack the whole world now,

What about the homeless?,

Charles Barber...a tought,

What is Transcendental Meditation TM?

June 2006


the fall of lucifer,

We all need to tap into God's pipe line,

Jesus is a great stumbling block for millions of people,

Your neighbor,

the meaning of life in the army,

the spirit of apathy,

The Bible is designed to work as an answering machine,

lightly we take life,

I studied some pages about Hell on the Internet,

Just because you don't believe in Hell or the devil it won't make them go away,

People are adding "stuff" to the gospel plays,

Stephen Hawking speaks,

I don't think that we thank God enough,

I think it's weird that some believers don't go to church during the summer,

Doomsday prophet...moi?

I hear you knockin', but you can't come in,

Five teens die in New Orleans shooting,

I've never heard anything so silly,

Conan O'Brian sometimes sings "I'm a gonna go to Hell when I die",

I almost drowned in Belmont, Q'ld once,

19,000 Druids,

You can get a supernatural life in Christ!,

rebellious prophet,

If all men are equal, all men are brothers. Then how come the rich are more equal than others?,

The Holy Spirit is our ears and eyes in the spiritual world!,

My new album Luna Park,

Why it's important to go to church,

Lunar Park,

Renewed part of God's body here on Earth.

May 2006


No more troubles?,

Jesus will return for a third time,

Porn star,

God's push,

New monetary system coming,

Losing friends,

Patients with peace,


fire truck in a china shop,

without Christ my life was one loong bleep,

the historic Jesus,


Dancing on clouds,


I believe...,

the spirit world,

Whrooooom!..."what was that"?..."that was love mate",

Giving God first part of your income,

Fasting is a good way to get answers,

Praying in tounges promotes healing to our bodies!,


If we got along on the Ark, then why can't we get along now?,

"You must not treat me as ordinary" -God,

They will lie,

baptism of the Holy Spirit,

You can't read the bible as just another book!,

A responsibility of a Christian,

Here's a painting of Joseph and Mary on the run.

April 2006


Healing power of prayer study,

the light was yellow Sir,



Iggy Pop and love etc.

Ruben Stiller (?)

Snakes in the grass,

Renny Harlin and Markus Selin,

Rich man,

Who wrote the Bible?

Who are the spirits?

Talk is cheap,

A day is missing!,

Israel, I have seen the light,

Today if you hear...,

Going to church,

Run away,

The DaVinci Code,

Walk on water,


A friend was dead for a while,


Encounter with God,

Can the blind lead the blind?

How much does the soul weigh?

Kids stupid?

Bob Gedof,

Which Bible to read.

March 2006 (The first one 2006-03-31)

Arnold Schwarzenegger once asked me...

Ben's personal testemony

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Lucifer Publishing Company

Hycklande Biskopar

Marilyn Monroe (William Branham)


Fieldy från Korn har blivit frälst!


Satans symboler

Fred Skymberg frälst!

Februari 2009

Januari 2009

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December 2007

Snart är det Jesu födelsedag igen,

Det är JÄTTEVIKTIGT att tacka Gud,

Somliga dyrkar gudar som kräver att bli tvättade, klädda och matade,

Våra politiker är sannerligen inte de vassaste pennorna i penalen,

Det som imponerar mest på mig angående Jesus är att Han inte är nån hycklare...

är den Helige Ande död?,

Vem som helst som är född på nytt kan be för sjuka och allt annat som folk behöver hjälp med,

När tankar kommer som inte känns bra,

Vilken pånyttfödd Kristen som helst, har fullmakten att väcka upp de döda i Jesu namn!


Ängel stoppar traktor...

Jag är troligtvis en av Jesus mest korkade lärjungar,

Gud har ju inte så värst stor användning för folk som sitter hemma och petar sig i naveldammet,

James Browne's mamma sade till james pappa, "take care of the child"...

Få tycks förstå vad Gud menar när Han säger att vi skall vara som barn.

November 2007

Om Gud är kärlek,


Av frukten skall trädet kännas igen heter det i Bibeln,


Så har det meningslösa skolmassakernas tid kommit till Finland,

Varifrån har namnet Palestina kommit?

Det är aldrig för sent att be om förlåtelse.

Jag brukar ibland säga "varför göra nåt idag som du kan skjuta upp imorgon"?

Hittade ett coolt Bibelställe idag Första Petri (Petrus) brev i Nya Testamentet,

Religion handlar bara om utsidan!

Människorelationer kan verklien suga musten ur en om man engagerar sig för mycket på fel sätt. (missföstå mig rätt).

Det som göms i snö kommer upp i tö.

Gud som älskar oss alla, hatar alla våra lekar som vi får av satan.

Varför tror många icketroende människor att vi som är Kristna dömer dem???

Det är farligt att se upp till folk alltför mycket.

Gud har svarat på massor av böner på sistone.

Det finns alltid ett ljus bakom mörkret.

Livets bröd.

Karriär vad är det?

Oktober 2007


Kejsarens nya kläder,

Sanningen gör ont,

vem är bäst,


10 budorden,

Gud fundamentalist,

Lobotomi i Sverige,


Österländska religioner,

September 2007

Jesus talar,

Du är värdeful,

Från död till liv,

Glöm det gamla livet,


Goda råd är dyra,

Mörkret drar,




Goloze Wuluwulu deporterad,

Rädd at pröva på Gud?,

Att köpa en bit Himmelrike,

Det kvittar om jag dör, 50% kristen?,

Halloween och Helvetet,

Fotspår av människor och dinosaurier i samma lera,

Koranen, svar på tal,

Munkarna i Burma.

Augusti 2007

Mr. Sandman,



Dans på rosor?,

Bättre sent än aldrig?, Tala med Gud,

Att bli frälst-grupptryck,

Arternas uppkomst och mögel,

Mitt dubbla liv,

Fred biten,

Närpes mystiken,

Håll dig vaken,

Lilla Vasa,

Religion - vilken smörja,


Gud helade mina fingrar,

Kristna förföljs av Hinduer,

Maria avguden som inte vill vara dyrkad,

Juli 2007

Läs Bibeln,

Memorera Bibeln,

Vittna för andra,


Umgås med Gud,

Einstein och Guds existens,


Vem är Uncle Ben?,

Det yttre,

Guds löften,

Lita på Gud,

Tolka Bibeln åt skogen,

Religion - Kristendom,


Vänner på fel tåg,

Groda=falsk profet?,

Vad är en avgud?,

Kraftigare bön,

Att bli fri,

Ingmar Bergman död...stackarn.

Juni 2007

Hjälp till att hitta den kidnappade flickan Madelene,

Pontus döps,

Givandet glädje,

Mitt Andedop,


Quo Vadis?,

Få är kallade,


Dr. Peh,


Vem är djävulen?,

Jordens ålder,

lugnande mediciner,

Att vittna,

Att hjälpa någon,

Att ge tiondet,

Hitler...lucifer och Hemliga Ordnar,

Budskap från Herren,

Att kriticera...

Maj 2007

5 minuter om dagen?,



Oops Gud svarde på bön!,

Hur bör vi leva?,

Folk trillar i golvet av Guds kraft,

Evel Knievel den hoppande galningen har blivit frälst!,

John Lennon frälst 1977,

Att döma folk,

Cruise control,

Att ge Gud mer tid,

Kristna dinga i bollen?,


Status quo,

Den Helige Andes verk i kyrkan,


Diakonissa på villovägar,

Att hålla sitt ord,

Kraft i bönen,

Isabella i Örebro 1975,

April 2007

låna ut pengar,

varför trillar folk omkull,



bönesvar, välsignelser,

det allra heligaste,


generösa Edwin,

Noas ark,


du är värdefull,






gratis mp3 musik.

Mars 2007

James Cameron ute och seglar,

Pontus böneämne,


Böneceller, Tobak,



Att mobba,

Glädjen i Gud,

Roger Glover 1971,

Bed och ni skall få,

Kompis med både djävulen och Gud?,

Ben yrar på isen,

Min kraft,

Österländska religioner i skolorna,

Andlig vapenrustning,


Vikingarna och mjöden,


Sovande församling,

Knark osv.,

Eld i baken,

Pröva på Gud,


Februari 2007


Israel Guds ögonsten,

Barns förmåga att ta emot Gud,


Ge Gud tid,

Kort om synd,

Om huset brinner upp,

Gud ord/bröd,

Olyckliga miljonärer,

Missionskyrkan i Kvevlax,


Pontus - Hemohes,

Dålig undervisning,

Korkade föräldrar?,

Gud - Pappa,

Horoskåp och trolldom, Fullmogna Kristna?,

Kokain = lycka?,

Be för dina barn daligen,

Livets mening,

Att vara häxa.

Januari 2007

"En salig samling",

Jag spelade trumpet,


Att tro,

Vi är som popcorn,

Troende som knarkar?

Att visa hänsyn,

Störande tankar,

Jesus om får, Frid,

Vägen hem,



Att bolla och rulla fram.


December 2006

Rättfärdig i Kristus,

Mina tankar om musik,


And then U die,

Racism mot Kristna,

Tid för vänner?,


Vad händer då vi dör?,


Ödmjukhet går före framgång,

Snacka går ju,

Våld i julhemmet,

Guds röst,

Att svära som fan,

Kommer hunden och katten till Himmelen?,

Håll dej vaken,

Religion eller en levande tro,

Jesus dog för dej,

Happy birthday Jesus,

Happy Holidays?

Festen är över,

Tvivlande vänner,


Gud rörde vid mig!,

är du redo?

November 2006


Gud är inte korkad,

153 fiskar,

Ruttna äpplen i kyrkan,

Anti Krist,


Allvarlig och deppad,

Guds kalender,

Generösa människor,


Elton John vill förbjuda religion,

En kyrka i framtiden,

En förlorad vän,

Hur mår dina vänner?,



Noas tecken...stulet av bögarna,

Himmelriket en förtjänst?



Yttersta tiden,

Guds röst,

Tom dårhusen,

Dödlig drog,

Att höra till en församling.

Oktober 2006

Att gå på vatten,

Sluta gå på Kristna möten?

Big bang-mysteriet,

Gudstjänst för hundar!

Religion i Expressen,

Många lider i onödan,

Gud älskar alla,

Romanen GUD,

Lita på Gud,

Uteblivna bönesvar,


Moder Amma smittar ner folk med onda Hindu andar,

Ordets makt,

Nya sånger till Herrens ära,

Gud är inte beroende av naturens lagar,

Gud eller läkare,




Förebedjare för Sverige,

Gud är kärlek,

Änglar motorcyklar och bönesvar.

tankar_september.html 2006

57 Att förlåta,

befrielse från alkohol,

Drogade finländare,

Att älska=paradis,

På egen risk,

Igen lyssnar,

Din biljett är betald,





Guds plan för oss,

Dåliga vänner,

Alla behöver Gud,

Svaga punkter,

Babydop-gyckel i Guds hus,

Be om förlåtelse,

Lovsång öppnar dörrar,


Hörnstenen Jesus,

Finns Gud?,

Kvinnor trånar efter mig, gulp

Prisa Gud istället för människor,

Johannes 3,



tankar_augusti.html 2006

27 Judarna hotas i Sverige igen,

1300 självmord i Sverige i år,

Att känna Gud,

Min största önskan idag,

Lösningen på freden,

Död kyrka,

Narkomaner i Himmelen, Struntprat,

Manifestavision utställningen 1975 i Stockholm,

Ditt nya hem,

Stampa på stället,

Folk tar livet av sig,

Ateister finns ej på sjunkande skepp,


Be i onödan?,

Eric Bibb,

hårdrocksstjärnan Jon Nödtveidt tog sitt liv,

Romarbrevet 2:1,



Brister i mitt liv,

Alla är välkomna,

Fisken Kristus,



Gud lyssnar alltid,

Alla är olika,

Den onda människan.

tankar_juli.html 2006

4. Stoppa friskolorna?,


Arabiska Palestinier,

Diktatorer finns överallt,

Ett budskap,


Kändisreligionen Cabala,

Man krigar i Guds namn?,

Kommer rika till Himmelen?,

Snabba bönesvar,

En tanke,

Det är jättemånga som kriticerar Carola,

Pendlande Einstein,

Krig i Israel,

Araber älskar att slåss?,

Vi är alla olika,

Judar i Israel i 3200 år,

Att bära frukt,



al-Qaida, Al-Aqsa,

Vad är Trancendental Maditation?

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1. Humle festivalen som tidigare hette Humle Rock visar Maria Magdala pjäsen,

Ibland undrar jag om tryckfrihet bara gäller icke troende,

Sjukdom/hälsa paradoxen.



Heinäkuu 20013

Raahen vapaaseurakunta


La 27.7. klo 18:00  Esirukous- ja ylistysilta, vieraana Ben Antell 
Kuvaus: Tilaisuus teltassa kirkon pihalla
Paikka: Vapaakirkko
Osoite: Brahenkatu 15 Raahe

Su 28.7. klo 16:00  Jumalanpalvelus, Ben Antell 
Kuvaus: Tilaisuus teltassa kirkon pihalla
Paikka: Vapaakirkko
Osoite: Brahenkatu 15 Raahe
Puhelin: (08) 223 1228
Sähköposti: raahe@svk.fi

- Herra paransi Pirkon rukoustilaisuudessa Raahessa.
- Pirkolla oli ollut 56 vuotta kipuja => ne lähtivät sekunnissa.
- Pirkko sai jättää rollaattorin pois rukouksen jälkeen.
- Hän oli harkinnut vahvojen kipulääkkeiden aloittamista, ennen rukousta.
- Kävely oli ollut ennen hidasta, vaivalloista ja kivuliasta.
- Kaksi eri lääkäriä totesi Pirkolla syövän keuhkoissa.
Keuhkot olivat kuitenkin myöhemmin täysin puhtaat kuvauksissa.
- Pirkko näyttää nyt nuorekkaalta ja hyvinvoivalta ihmiseltä.

Suomeksi 2007

Joulukuu 2007

Muista ylistää Herraa aina, onko Pyhä Henki kuollut muka?

Marraskuu 2007

Miksi rukoilla?,

Olemme kaikki palvelioita,

Nuori mies ampui 9 ihmistä,

Mistä on nimi Palestiina kotoisin?

Ei ole koskaan liian myöhäistä elämässä osua oikealle raiteelle,

Älä jätä tekemättä sen minkä voit tehdä tänään,

Suomelkielisiä Raamattuja online: http://www.raamattu.org/?kieli=suomi,

Minä en tuomitse ketään, se on Jumalan työ.

Jeesus on elämän leipä.

Ajatuksia Lokakuu 2007

Halloween, Kelta Pontus, Et ole yksin, Juttele Herran kanssa...röökit meni, Koraani ja valheita TVssä.


Henget, Avain, Jumala on rakkaus


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Ensimmäinen ajatus suomeksi... kun tapasin Árnold Schwarzenegger 1972 y.m.

Ensinmäinen ajatus 2006 Uskoon kannattaa tulla

(My Dad Eric Antell's miracles in life, a short book in Swedish)

Han hade tänkt ge ut dessa i bokform, innan han dog. Eftersom det aldrig blev av sätter jag nu in dem på nätet, i hopp om att de skall få vara till glädje för någon.

Speciellt tack till Ann-Sofi Hammarström.


4. Min pappa Tor-Erik Antells självupplevda under i livet...(swedish)

5. Trons Grunder på svenska, för dig som nyligen tagit emot Jesus i ditt liv.

I'm also into intercessory prayer in a number of churches now.


I'm NOT trying to put anyone down with my Write, I'm just trying to convey what God has put on my heart. I also feel that that life is too short, to just shut up and go with the flow, when people suffer under all kinds of bondage, when they could be set free in Christ.

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